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Professor Luke O'Neill - ISI Public lecture Award 2004.

Prof Luke O'Neill, professor in biochemistry and Immunology at Trinity College Dublin was presented with the 2004 Irish Society for Immunology, The Irish Times and the Royal Dublin Society Public Lecture Award.

Prof Luke O'Neill Public Lecture: “Arthritis: How Close Are We To A Cure?”

Is a cure for arthritis a possibility? Or is humankind destined always to suffer from this debilitating disease?

One of Ireland’s leading researchers into the human immune system — the system which goes wrong to cause arthritis — will discuss these and other questions about the disease in a free public lecture, Arthritis: How Close Are We To A Cure? The Science Today lecture is organised jointly by The Irish Times and the Royal Dublin Society in association with the Irish Society of Immunology (ISI). Each year the ISI honours one of its top researchers with an award, and with this comes the opportunity to explain their research at a public lecture. This year Prof Luke O’Neill of Trinity College Dublin was nominated for the ISI annual award. His free lecture takes place in the RDS Library on Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, at 7 p.m. on October 21st. The lecture focuses on immunological issues of interest and relevance to a general audience, and is geared to suit the non-specialist. The public, it is promised, will be able to understand the concepts and issues raised in O’Neill’s talk. O’Neill specialises in the study of inflammation, but when he describes his work to non-specialists he usually just says he is studying arthritis.

See the original articles in The Irish Times here and here.


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