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Looking to expand your career in immunology? You’ve come to the right place!
Here you’ll find job opportunities in the field of Immunology to work and train in an Irish academic lab or industry.
Browse the listing below to find opportunities in immunology research and clinical practice, postdoctoral fellowships, PhD and Master studentships at Irish labs and Lectureships at Irish Universities. Promote and support research as a Research Assistant or Lab Manager or support excellence in the discipline of Immunology working at an Irish-based company.
There are plenty of exciting opportunities, don't miss out!

Would you like to have your ad listed on our website?
To post a job advertisement on this page, please download and complete this form and send it to our Communications Lead Dr Natalia Muñoz-Wolf.
This service is free. Please note that it could take up to 5-8 working days from the day you submit your ad to get it posted on the website. Posts may be deleted after the closing date, or after three months, if one is not specified.

*The ISI is not responsible for the information provided in the job ads, selection process or the conditions included in the ad. The ISI, via this website acts solely as repository of the jobs submitted by individual PIs, Universities and Companies. All queries should be directed to the contact person listed in the advertisement.

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