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The Irish Society for Immunology (ISI) is Ireland's leading immunology-focused non-profit organisation. The ISI serves as a hub for members from various fields and career stages with a common interest in immunology, representing over 250 immunology researchers and clinician researchers across the Island of Ireland. Joining the ISI provides extensive advantages, enabling members to connect with fellow immunologists, stay updated on the latest scientific breakthroughs and nurture their professional journeys. These benefits encompass reduced registration fees for the annual ISI conference and meetings, access to bursaries to participate in selected European events, opportunities for networking within our vibrant community, a platform to advocate for immunology, as well as competitions, outreach activities and a free platform to advertise career opportunities in the field of immunology.

The ISI is a member of the European Federation of Immunological Society (EFIS) and the International Union for Immunological Societies (IUIS), and as such, ISI members gain EFIS and IUIS membership as part of the ISI membership fee and can access all the benefits, bursaries and career development opportunities offered through EFIS and IUIS.

Irish Society for Immunology Constitution

The ISI is governed by a general set of rules that are described in the ISI constitution document. For more details and to read the document in full please download the file here: 

For more information about the Irish Society for Immunology code of conduct and equality, diversity and inclusion policies please read the files here: 

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