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Available online since 2023

The ISI Executive Committee meets periodically to discuss different topics that concern the Society and its members. Records of these meetings have been kept as meeting minutes by the ISI Secretary. Since 2023 a brief summary of the meetings is publicly available on the website.

Meeting Minutes

September 2023

  • Discussions took place about obtaining input from the broader ISI members on future nominations for the ISI annual immunology award.

  • The new costing for ISI membership were discussed and agreed.

  • The committee were updated on ECI timelines and satellite meeting plans.

  • The new layout of the ISI website was discussed and agreed with the committee.

  • Dr. Karen English established a new EDI policy and a code of conduct for the ISI. The feedback from the committee was incorporated into the policy, and this will be available on the ISI website.

  • There were discussions about the structure of the upcoming ECR event.

  • Dr. Catríona Dowling provided updates on the measures taken to help include engagement with ISI members.

  • Dr. Laura Gleeson provided updates on the clinician – researchers networking event that will be trialled in St. James/TTMI.

  • Dr. Melissa Conroy updated that the ISI are preparing outreach activities for science week.

  • The ISI submitted a letter to MEPs regarding European parliament ban on animal testing, and Dr. Joanne Lysaght received acknowledgment from 4 MEPs.

July 2023

  • The winner of the ISI annual immunology award is Dr. Teresa Lambe, Calleva Head of Vaccine Immunology and a Professor of Vaccinology & Immunology at the University of Oxford.

  • It was suggested that a lists of experts in immunology among the ISI members would be listed on the ISI website, this list would serve as a resource to select speakers to talk on behalf of the ISI.

  • There was discussions about the new membership policy within the ISI.

  • The committee were updated on ECI timelines and satellite meeting plans.

  • Individual roles were assigned to members of the ISI.

  • There were discussions about restructuring the ISI website.

  • Dr. Catríona Dowling appointed as new membership liaison officer.

  • The committee discussed new plans to enhance content and communication with members.

  • The ECR meeting will be held in St. James Hospital and Dr. Teresa Lambe will give the keynote talk.

  • New members were recruited to expand outreach activities of the ISI.

  • The committee will send a letter to MEPs regarding European parliament ban on animal testing.

May 2023

  • Dr. Michelle Armstrong was thanked for the organisation of the Annual Day of Immunology Award 2022.

  • It was suggested that a suggestion box will be included at BSI and on the ISI website for nominations for the annual immunology award.

  • The yISI are organising a meeting at TTMI on October 13th.

  • It was decided that the yISI will be a formal subcommittee of ISI and they will generate their own logo and email address.

  • The ISI submitted the letter to IUA about the current post-doctorate recruitment issue.

  • The ISI held their first F2F outreach event since Covid and it was a huge success.

  • The ISI are investigating sponsoring prizes for the Young Scientist.

  • New outreach committee members will be assigned to drive initiatives in their own institutions.

  • The ISI are working on an event to be held in conjunction with TCD’s European Researchers Night, that will act as a pilot to increase clinical engagement with ISI.

  • SITC are very enthusiastic about holding a satellite meeting with ISI and the ISI will submit a proposed outline and request.

  • There were many initiatives discussed to help increase momentum around ECI 2024.

  • Prof. Karen English will draw up an EDI policy for ISI.

March 2023

  • New committee members; Dr. Michael Freely, Prof. Karen English, Dr. Catríona Dowling & Dr. Melissa Conroy, were welcomed to the ISI executive committee.

  • Prof. Karen English appointed as the new EDI representative.

  • Dr. Melissa Conroy appointed as lead of the ISI outreach committee.

  • It was discussed that new roles will be assigned to committee members.

  • The ISI are preparing a letter to send to IUA about the post-doctorate recruitment issue.

  • Videos that were contributed to EFIS from the ISI for day of immunology were displayed.

  • As an effort to expand clinical engagement, the potential of hosting an informal networking event with clinicians & scientists was discussed.

  • The potential of an informal ISI meeting at the BSI 2023 in Belfast will be explored.

  • It was suggested that the ISI website is updated with details of the yISI.

  • The date and venue for the ISI annual immunology award ceremony was moved to May and Prof. Kingston Mills will moderate the event.

  • The ISI executive members will circulate a request to their institutions for volunteers to take part in ISI outreach activities.

  • The potential of linking with IACR to join with ISI to have a satellite meeting prior to ECI will be explored.

January 2023

  • Prof Aideen Ryan was welcomed as the new secretary of the ISI.

  • Prof. Ed Lavelle was congratulated as recipient of the ISI annual immunology award.

  • Dr. Eoin McNamee was congratulated on the success of the 2022 ISI annual meeting.

  • Decided that there would be no annual ISI meeting in lieu of the British Society of Immunology (BSI) meeting to be held in Belfast.

  • Professor Joanne Lysate will liaise with the secretary of BSI regarding the ISI having input to the BSI program.

  • It was suggested to formalise the structure and purpose of the young ISI (yISI) committee and for the yISI to run an early career meeting in 2023.

  • Dr. Gareth Brady stepped down as the leader of the outreach committee. It was decided that expression of interest forms will be sent out within the committee to fill the position, and then opened out if needed.

  • Efforts to increase collaborations with international immunology societies were discussed. There are discussions with the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) regarding possibilities of joint sessions.

  • Prof. Joanne Lysate will be the representative on the steering committee for the European Congress of Immunology (ECI).

  • Discussions around expanding the membership of clinicians in the ISI.

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