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Available online since 2023

The ISI Executive Committee meets periodically to discuss different topics that concern the Society and its members. Records of these meetings have been kept as meeting minutes by the ISI Secretary. Since 2023 a brief summary of the meetings is publicly available on the website.

Meeting Minutes

January 2024

  • Prof. Ed Lavelle provided an update on the ECI timelines, registration for ECI is now open.

  • Soapbox science are looking for interested immunologists to take part, and the ISI will circulate this information.

  • There was a call out for ISI executive members to send news updates for X (formally twitter).

  • It was also discussed that the ISI will link other societies in their newsfeed to increase traffic on ISI X page.

  • Discussions took place around the ISI annual award. It was suggested that a specific set of criteria should be established for this award and people should be requested to submit nominations. Early career researcher will also be encouraged to nominate immunologists for the award.

  • Symposia outline for SITC-ECI-ISI satellite meeting is finalised.

  • Dr. Melissa Conroy indicated that the outreach committee want to broaden their reach to new schools.

  • The outreach committee have also developed a new workshop called ‘immuno-anatomy’. 


Meeting minutes 2023

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