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Thanks to the British Society for Immunology, the Irish Society for Immunology brings you evidence-based, curated and reliable information on COVID-19 vaccines and how they protect us from infection. 

The British Society for Immunology created a free, easy to read guide on vaccinations for COVID-19 for a public audience. This guide explains how vaccines work and answers your common questions as well as providing up-to-date information on the current approved COVID-19 vaccinations in the UK, Ireland and the many other countries around the world. 

In addition to the COVID-19 guide, please see below for further information provided by ISI to better understand how vaccines work and the benefits that they provide to individuals and societies. 

We invite you to explore these resources and share them with family and friends. 

A guide to vaccinations for COVID-19

This guide was crated by the British Society for Immunology in January 2021 and last updated in June 2021 and is accurate at the time of publishing. Information will be updated as it becomes available. 

The full reference list for the guide can be found here.

Visit the British Society for Immunology website

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Do you want to learn more about vaccines or read the latest news on COVID-19?

Visit our page "Resources for Teachers" where you will find more information about vaccine history, how they are made and how they work. 

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Find the latest news on COVID-19 in our news blog.

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