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A collaboration between ISI and MSD

What are infectious diseases and how do we fight them?
Examples of common vaccines in use today
SARS-CoV2, COVID-19 and Vaccination


Your Amazing Immune System

'Your Amazing Immune System - How it Protects Your Body' is an immunology book for children released by the Japanese Society for Immunology in 2009. EFIS translated the book into English which is now available in 20 other languages.

This is an incredibly valuable resource for teachers and families to introduce their children into the exciting field of Immunology! 

Immunology Web Exhibition

This Immunology Virtual Exhibition is part of the European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS). The story told throughout the visuals is the story of a never-ending fight between the good ones, our white cells, and the bad ones, the viruses, bacteria, parasites and so on. If the immune system doesn’t win each time, hopefully there are immunologists to help. This is the morality of this virtual exhibition.

Inside Immunity.JPG
How Vaccines Work

As the world sees the development of COVID-19 vaccines in real time, Nature Research in partnership with Emergent BioSolutions Inc., Q2 Solutions and Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, NJ, USA produced the Nature Milestone series. In this video they delve into How Vaccines Actually Work. What are the different types of vaccines? How do they trigger and train the immune system, and what is the role of herd immunity?

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New Vaccine Development

With the world in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, all eyes are on vaccine trials and the researchers developing them. But what are they actually doing? In this animation  Nature Research & Sponsors take you through How Vaccines Are Developed, step by step, and ask how the process could be sped along. We also take a peek at some of the latest vaccine technologies that could be approved for widespread use in the near future.

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Nature Milestones in Vaccines

Vaccination has contributed to saving more lives than any other medical intervention in history. This Milestone provides a historical perspective of the breakthroughs in the field – from the centuries-old technique of ‘variolation’ to the synthetic anti-cancer vaccines of the modern era. The Nature Milestone includes an Interactive Timeline that you visit and learn how vaccines were made since the begging in a fun way. 

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Luke O'Neill: Ask Me Anything

In this 'Ask Me Anything' episode of RTE Kids, Luke O'Neill, Professor in Immunology at Trinity College Dublin and author of the book "The Great Irish Science Book" talks to children about the immune system and what it does for us every day. He addresses a lot of the questions we ask ourselves about COVID-19 and many of the other microbes we encounter throughout our lives and explains how our immune system protects us from them. A must watch for kids!

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How vaccines work
How vaccines are made
History of vaccines
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