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Prof Padraic Fallon - Public Lecture Award 2012

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Prof Ed Lavelle, President of ISI presented the ISI Public Lecture Award 2012 to Prof Padraic Fallon, Director of Research for the School of Medicine Trinity College Dublin, on 17th May.

Prof Fallon Public Lecture: “Allergy epidemic – will a worm a day keep the doctor away?”

Over the last 20 – 30 years immunologists have observed an epidemic of allergies across the world. Irish children experience one of the highest levels of these inflammatory diseases, such as eczema and asthma, when compared with the global population.

In this public lecture in the Royal Dublin Society Merrion Room Professor Padraic Fallon discussed how aspects of modern life are contributing to this epidemic and highlighted how Irish scientists are leading the field internationally in the search for new therapies for such diseases. Director of Research for the School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin, Professor Fallon was presented with the 2012 Irish Society for Immunology Public Lecture Award at the beginning of the lecture. This lecture also marked part of the ISI’s contribution to the EFIS’s “European Day of Immunology.”


Professor Padraic Fallon Professor of Translational Immunology, Clinical Medicine Interim IMM Director, Molecular Medicine Ireland

Professor Padraic Fallon heads the Translational Immunology Group. Prof Fallon is the Science Foundation Ireland Stokes Professor in Translational Immunology in the School of Medicine, TCD. Previously, Fallon was a Wellcome Trust Fellow in the University of Cambridge, UK, investigating immune modulation by schistosomes. Since returning to Ireland in 2001, he has continued his research, elucidating underlying mechanisms of aberrant immune function and novel therapeutic strategies for inflammatory diseases. The main diseases addressed are allergic lung inflammation (asthma), skin inflammation (eczema) and inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease). Fallon is the Director of the Paediatric Research in Translational Immunology (PRiTI) Programme, a strategic partnership between Trinity College Dublin and the National Children's Research Centre The PRiTI programme bridges basic and clinician scientists and focuses on the underlying inflammatory processes associated with a number of childhood diseases. Prof Fallon is also the current Director of Research for the School of Medicine.


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