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Postdoctoral Fellow at Johns Hopkins Medicine

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Role: Postdoctoral Fellow

Department: Molecular Oncology Laboratory, Thoracic Oncology

Description: We are seeking applicants for a post-doctoral fellow position with particular focus on integrative genomics, multi-omics and liquid biopsy analyses to model tumor clonal evolution in the context of therapy, with a particular focus on cancer immunotherapy.

The candidate will independently carry out complex established protocols related to whole genome, exome, transcriptome, T cell receptor sequencing, targeted next-generation sequencing, spatial transcriptomics, single-cell DNA sequencing and circulating cell-free tumor DNA analyses, optimize bench techniques and will be involved in the analysis and interpretation of cutting-edge, high-dimensional genomic data sets generated by next generation sequencing in conjunction with transcriptomic, single-cell and liquid biopsy sequence data.

Together with Dr.Anagnostou, the principal investigator, and the group’s computational analyses team the candidate will manage, analyze, and communicate data produced in collaborative projects focused on basic and translational research in cancer biology, and is expected to lead publication efforts. Ongoing studies include, but are not limited to, mechanisms of response and resistance to immunotherapy and identification of tissue and blood-derived genomic biomarkers of response to therapies, including immunotherapy and targeted therapies.

To apply: Contact Valsamo Anagnostou at

Deadline: We are seeking to fill this position as soon as possible

The full role profile can be viewed below:

Postdoctoral fellow - Role Profile
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