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Post-Doctoral Researcher and Research Assistant in AIRR Lab Maynooth University.

Applications are sought for the positions of a Research Assistant and a Post-doctoral Researcher to conduct research within the Allergy, Inflammation & Remodelling Research (AIRR) Laboratory of Dr. Joanne Masterson (@TheMastersonLab) . The successful candidate will join a growing team of researchers investigating novel mechanisms of allergic (oesophageal) disease exploring the mechanobiological and metabolomic consequences of inflammatory interactions between eosinophils and epithelial stem cell programming. Research in the AIRR lab aims to explore mechanisms of disease combining molecular, cellular and whole organism approaches. We study how environmental signals (mechanosensing, inflammation, nutrients and hypoxia) regulate epithelial stem/progenitor cells in repair and remodelling in allergic diseases such as the emerging disease, Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE). The researchers will have the opportunity to learn a selection of state-of-the-art approaches in molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, transcriptomics, mechanobiological, metabolic and immune signalling, mouse models and patient specimens with the aim of defining novel therapies. Our group works at the interface of clinical and translational understanding of disease, with strong national and international (USA) collaborations. These two year posts are funded by the financial support of Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) for 22 months in the first instance, with the option for further renewal. Examples of the research efforts of Dr. Masterson’s laboratory can be obtained from the following publications (Masterson et al. (2019) Journal of Clinical Investigation; Nguyen et al. (2018) Mucosal Immunology 11(2):415-426; Nguyen et al. (2018) 143(2):669-680.e12; Journal of Allergy Clinical Immunology McNamee et al. (2016) Allergy 72(8):1232-1242; Masterson et al. (2014) Gut 63(1):43-53).

To Apply: Informal enquiries including your CV are welcomed to

Status: Accepting applications.

For more info please see below:

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