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Post-Doctoral Scientist: Repertoire Analysis of Vaccine-induced Immunity - Prof Anne Moore, UCC

Details: We are seeking a highly skilled immunology post-doctoral scientist to join our team to understand how oral and skin vaccine delivery technologies modulate the B cell repertoire in a relevant large animal model of vaccination. This SFI-funded project aims to understand the mechanism of action of two non-injected, thermostable, influenza vaccines, administered orally or using a skin patch, at the anatomical, cellular and molecular levels. We are particularly interested in mucosal immunity and the breadth of cross-neutralising responses. The hired candidate will focus on analysing the repertoire of antigen-specific B cells induced by vaccination in a large animal pre-clinical model of an influenza vaccine. The scientist will produce and analyze repertoire data to compare processes of clonal expansion and affinity maturation in primary and secondary immune responses, induced by oral or skin patch administration. These studies will allow a detailed mechanistic understanding of how the delivery technology and route of vaccine administration impacts on the induced humoral immune responses in systemic and mucosal tissues. This project builds on work conducted by our multi-disciplinary team of immunologists, veterinarians and industrial and academic collaborators.

The candidate will be highly motivated and self-driven, with clear interest in cellular and molecular immunology and a willingness to learn. They will become responsible for designing, developing, optimizing and implementing next-generation sequencing (NGS) protocols for the characterization of sequences of interest for vaccine research and development. The candidate must possess excellent communication, planning, organising, team working, practical, problem solving, and record-keeping skills. They must have a proven track record in publishing papers in peer-reviewed journals with respect to repertoire analysis in human and/or pre-clinical models. Experience with cell culture assays in immunology and multiparametric flow cytometry and sorting to examine vaccine-induced B cell responses is highly desirable.

Standard Duties and Responsibilities of the Post:

To conduct a specified programme of research under the supervision and direction of a Principal Investigator/Project Leader.

• To engage in appropriate training and professional development opportunities as required by the Principal Investigator, School or College in order to develop research skills and competencies.

• To gain experience in grant writing.

• To engage in the dissemination of the results of the research in which they are engaged, as directed by, with the support of and under the supervision of a Principal Investigator.

• To become familiar with the publication process.

• To acquire generic and transferable skills (including project management, business skills and postgraduate mentoring/supervision).

• To engage in the wider research and scholarly activities of the research group, School or College.

• To interact closely with postgraduate research students who are studying for a Masters or a PhD and possibly have an agreed role in supporting these students in their day to day research in conjunction with an academic supervisor.

• To carry out administrative work to support the programme of research.

• To carry out additional duties as may reasonably be required within the general scope and level of the post.

• To contribute to costing research grant proposals and assist in the financial management of a research project

To apply:

Applications must be submitted online via the University College Cork vacancy portal ( Queries relating to the online application process should be referred to , quoting the Job ID: 072332.

Further Information for Applicants:

Further details on our research is here and/or contact Dr. Anne Moore

More details on the role can be found in the following link.


The closing date for this application is 8th December 2023.


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