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Welcome to The Irish
Society for Immunology

The mission of the Irish Society for Immunology is to promote excellence in the discipline of Immunology across the island of Ireland and to raise the profile of Irish immunologists and their research worldwide.
Our vision is to make the discipline of Immunology accessible and exciting for all by promoting and supporting excellent research, education outreach and clinical practice of Immunology in Ireland to improve our lives. 


Prof. Ed Lavelle, Trinity College Dublin

What are infectious diseases and how do we fight them?

Examples of common vaccines in use today

SARS-CoV2, COVID-19 and Vaccination

We thank our kind sponsors for their support to attendants to ECI 2021

The ISI is delighted to announce the five winners of the
2021 ISI Photo Competition ‘Take a Cell-fie’


This competition marks the 2021 International Day of Immunology

Congratulations to the winners & thank you all who submitted their ‘Cell-fies’!