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Unravelling Science Weekly Podcast

Updated: May 24, 2021

Want to hear Irish scientists discuss their career paths and why they love what they do? Why not listen to the Unravelling Science weekly podcast run and hosted by our ISI Postdoc Rep/Communications Co-Lead Dr Megan Hanlon!

Each week Megan interviews top Irish researchers and listens to the stories that have shaped the science but also the scientist. Unravelling Science is currently in its 3rd season and has featured many prominent immunologists including ISI President Dr Annie Curtis, Prof Luke O’Neill, Prof Kingston Mills, Prof Cliona O’Farrelly, ISI Patient Engagement Office Dr Clíona Ní Cheallaigh and many more. Unravelling Science gives a sense of Irish scientists journeys through academia, their passions and advice and of course their research, with the aim of getting a glimpse the ‘people behind the publications’ so to speak.

Interested in checking it out? Just search for ‘Unravelling Science’ on Spotify/Apple Podcasts/Google Podcast or wherever you get your podcasts!


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