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Research Assistant Discipline of Anatomy, School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin


Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is a chronic skin disease which dramatically lessens patient quality of life and affects over 1% of Irish people. HS is characterised by the occlusion and rupture of hair follicles leading to flaring chronic inflammation which involves innate immune cell activation and Th1/Th17 driven disease pathology. The etiology of the disease is unclear, and a major limitation is the lack of an effective model to study the disease with research entirely reliant on invasive and scarce patient biopsies. This project seeks to establish an 3D organotypic skin culture model in TBSI as a platform to design a scalable in vitro model of HS. After establishing a fibroblast-keratinocyte co-culture model, we will use it to design larger funding proposals which will incorporate insights from new single cell and spatial transcriptomic datasets, available publicly and through collaborators, to accurately reproduce different cell states at different disease stages via pharmacological and/or genetic intervention. This novel approach will allow us to faithfully reproduce the critical aspects of biology HS in a controllable setting. This and future projects will allow us to study disease initiation, progression and therapeutic targeting in collaboration with our PPI partners in the advocacy group HS Ireland.

Standard Duties and Responsibilities of the Post

The post holder will be responsible for the development of 3D organotypic cultures under the supervision of Dr Daniel Johnston in collaboration with partners in University College Dublin. This will involve the establishment and maintenance of primary skin cell culture, treatment with exogenous ligands and assessment of inflammatory status using immunohistochemistry, ELISA and qRT-PCR. The post holder will be centrally involved in the planning and carrying out of experiments; preparing documents for progress reports, collating, analysing and interpreting data and presenting data at group meetings. The researchers will be expected to work collaboratively and engage with a multidisciplinary team

To apply:

Applicants should submit a full Curriculum Vitae to include the names and contact details of 2 referees (including email addresses), to: Dr Daniel Johnston

Further Information for Applicants URL Link to Area Daniel Johnston : School of Medicine - Trinity College Dublin ( URL Link to Human Resources

Deadline: Not listed

More details on the role can be found in the document below:

RA position Dr Johnston
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