Postdoctoral Fellow Position in Curtis Clock lab

The objective of this post is to comprehensively investigate circadian controlled metabolic mechanisms in mouse and human immune cells. Through a number of collaborations with scientists and clinical colleagues we will interrogate whether these pathways are dysregulated in chronic inflammatory conditions and infection. Furthermore, we will determine if we can utilise this rhythmicity to improve vaccine responses. The successful candidate will have access to cutting-edge technologies such as an Agilent Seahorse Analyser, multiparametric flow cytometry and a number of “omics” approaches. The role is appointable on a full time basis.

Post Summary: This post is a unique to become part of the team the Curtis Clock Laboratory team ( at St Stephens Green.

In the past decade, the field of immunometabolism, which describes how metabolic pathways and metabolism (both intracellular and whole body) controls immune cell fate and function, has grown exponentially. This rapidly growing field has turned pre-existing dogma on its head. Previously, it was thought that metabolic enzymes and their products (metabolites) were merely by products of immune response, with energy generation (ATP) as their sole function. However, these metabolic enzymes and metabolites are now considered the main drivers and signalling molecules directing immune responses. Most importantly, many of these metabolic pathways are dysregulated in chronic inflammatory diseases like cardiovascular disease, arthritis and respiratory conditions. The Curtis group have demonstrated that metabolism in immune cells is under direct circadian or 24 hour control, strongly impacting immune fate and function. We have termed this new field “circadian immunometabolism”, which has the capacity to provide very novel pathways for therapeutic gain or determine optimal times of the day in which to administer treatments or vaccines.

To Apply: Please apply online no later than 5pm on the closing date with a Cover Letter (max 1 page) and CV including your experience and publication record of peer reviewed publications. Informal Enquiries can be directed to Dr Annie Curtis, (

Status: Accepting applications.

Tenure: Specified purpose contract for up to 12 months, with funding to extend further.

Proposed start date: March-June 2022

Deadline: 24th February 2022

Details of the position can be found at

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